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ok so georgia’s blog (mtv5sos) got deleted and in case you didnt know she is now mtvgeo so you should all go follow her 

neverlandashtxn reblogged your post the notification for saying i have som… and added:

mine does that too

omg but dw i just fixed it. just untrack and track again.

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the notification for saying i have something in my tracked tag when i actually dont is back….it’s driving me crazy

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ashton always starts a gig with a headband on but it always ends with it off and its like where did it go? did he head bang it off? does someone come remove it off him as they notice it covers his eyes?

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Michael's Baggage : San Antonio Show (21.09.14)

Michael: I found this thing[on the floor next to the mic stand]
Ashton: What is it? Is it a pamphlet?
Michael: No, it's says, "Transportation Security Administration-Notice of Baggage Inspection." So my baggage is safe!
Ashton: Give it up for Michael's baggage!
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